The creation of Beachside

Beachside Pool Services was created out of both love and necessity.

Rick is a San Diego native.  He has been apart of the rarely changing seasons that San Diegans all cherish and he understands how they live.  “For the moment”, he says.  And when it’s a beautiful day outside, which it is 85% of the time, San Diegans want to go jump in a clean pool.

Friends and Family of Ricks would consistently speak on the woes of finding a worthy pool guy.  One that doesn’t mistakenly leave the hose on, flooding the pool and wasting precious resources.  Or a pool guy that left no trace other than a clean pool and a service note.  They would mention how hard it was to find a pool guy that reliably shows up every week, even in the winter when a rare thunderstorm might have filled their pool with a large tree.  All they wanted was someone they could trust to take care of their space, with courtesy and commitment.

Rick was a stay at home father of 2 when he broke into the pool cleaning market, part time.  It was a great way to spend his days during school hours and it also helped take care of the family.  He apprenticed for many months under Seward Pools and quickly started to find additional customers that needed exceptional service.  Since startup, Rick has cleaned countless pools with complete customer satisfaction and with Spring right around the corner he is preparing to make sure the quality of service continues.  As a courteous, trustworthy, and reliable vendor, Rick wishes to increase productivity this year.  He knows that he can give more and it is important for him to find those customers that are tired of those dreary pool service experiences of the past.

If you are ready for GREAT service contact him for a personal, free quote NOW!

Rick Seward 760.696.2635

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